MapaKalamidad.ph is a crowd-based and social media-powered platform capable of collecting, organizing, and disseminating real-time disaster information from both formal and informal sources in the Philippines. Powered by CogniCity Open Source Software, the platform uses humanitarian chatbots on social media to solicit real-time updates from disaster-affected communities. Verified user reports are displayed alongside relevant emergency data collected by local and government agencies. By integrating localized knowledge from a variety of sources into a single, robust platform, MapaKalamidad.ph is able to provide a comprehensive overview of disaster events, enabling residents, humanitarian agencies, and government agencies to make more informed decisions during emergencies.

A pilot version of the platform was launched in 2020 for Quezon City and Pampanga, in collaboration with the Office of Civil Defense, and is currently integrated with the PhilAWARE system. Following a successful adoption of the platform in its pilot phase, and a call from local communities and government units to scale the platform to other areas, the platform expanded its operations to the national level in January 2022 making it freely available to all residents of the Philippines. Two years since its national debut, MapaKalamidad.ph became a multi-hazard platform capable of reporting earthquakes, floods, typhoons, and volcanic eruptions.

Team Members

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